PSA: Gamma Control on Windows 1903

Microsoft released their newest feature update 1903. Hoo-ray!

However… Unfortunately, Gamma Control 4 and 5 does not work on this release (yet).
Some research around the web shows that the functions/APIs Gamma Control utilizes are still available, but the search also showed that most gamma/brightness/contrast/display profile related software out there has issues on version 1903.

Furthermore, this link from Microsoft confirms the issue about adjusting gamma. The issue is still listed as mitigated. So it could still be a while.

Some more testing will be conducted on our end to see if there could be a possible work around.

So far it would appear that it’s a waiting game to see when Microsoft solves the issue, but we can’t just sit on our hands. 🙂

TL;DR – If you want to continue using Gamma Control, don’t update to Windows 1903 just yet.

Another post will be made once a fix is out, from either DesktopNerds or Microsoft.

Thank you for your patience! – Let’s hope we can turn the gamma up again soon, so we can see this from the bright side.