Privacy Policy

Last updated: 28th may 2017


DesktopNerds fully respects your right to privacy! DesktopNerds will not collect any personal data, without your clear permission. Any information provided by the user, can and will only be seen by the user.

Collection of Personal Information

DesktopNerds does not collect any personal data about you on this website. When buying Gamma Control, DesktopNerds only collects an e-mail address, which will only be visible for the user, who provided it. No addresses, names, phone numbers and so on will be collected.
We will not use your e-mail for spam of any kind – however, when you buy Gamma Control, you will by standard receive an e-mail with your license, and an account will be created on DesktopNerds for you to control your licenses.
For account deletion, you will also lose your license. Please contact support if you wish to do this.

Collection of Technical Information

This website uses session cookies. Session cookies makes it possible for your browser, to remember that you, for instance, have signed in on this website. However, if you have disabled cookies, you will not suffer loss of functionality.
When you connect to this website, technical details, such as, which sites you visited within our domain, will be logged by us or a thirdparty, for statistical use only.


Please note that DesktopNerds may change this Privacy Policy. However, big changes will be posted in a news feed.