Gamma Control 4

Gamma Control is an easy to use software designed to let you adjust the gamma on your computer, by just pressing a combination of keys on your keyboard. Or you can adjust the gamma levels by using a trackbar. Gamma Control allows you to put your monitor to sleep, by pressing key combinations, which especially proves useful if you have more than one monitor, and you wish you put them in standby mode when you leave.

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Gamma Control 5

In version 5 of Gamma Control, a profile manager has been added, so you can customize the hotkeys to fit your needs for each game. You can change profiles from Gamma Control, or by right-clicking the tray icon, and "Select Profile".

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MDFileHash is a simple piece of software allowing you to drag and drop your files to MDFileHash, revealing the MD5 hash value for a specific file. This allows you to see whether a file is legit or has been tampered with. Additionally you can save the log of all the files you have opened with MDFileHash.

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DesktopNerds on Twitter

DesktopNerds is now on Twitter, and can be followed at @DesktopNerds Follow DesktopNerds on Twitter to get latest updates on software under development, release dates and milestones. Also follow, to be up to date with updates on software, such as Gamma Control and Guitar Tuner. Thanks for following ;)!

Guitar Tuner 1.5 released

Guitar Tuner – A new improved and more lightweight Guitar Tuner has been released. The changes: – The audio files that previously played the tone, have been deleted, which replaced, leaving the installation file of Guitar Tuner 1.5 at only 661KB, compared to the old at 5.37MB. Requirements: – Windows Vista/7 or Windows 8 is…

MDFileHash Beta Release!

MDFileHash v0.8 (Beta) is released! MDFileHash is a simple piece of software allowing you to drag and drop your files to MD5FileHash, revealing the MD5 hash value for a specific file. This allows you to see whether a file is legit or has been tampered with. As it is still in beta state… … The software…

New design and features

The new feature is a support section. Where you, as a user can help others or ask for our help, to solve your problems. The support section is separated into two sections, one for DesktopNerds related issues, and one for third-party, hardware/software related issues. Thank you for reading!

Gamma Control v3 Released!

Gamma Control v3 is released! Gamma Control will be published on several websites, such as, CNET, Softpedia, Brothersoft etc, within the next two weeks. Gamma Control v3 contains Gamma Control v3, is based on v2. Meaning the updater is still there, but GCv3 will be updated from another location. The major step from v2 to…

Gamma Control v3 Release Date

Gamma Control Version 3! Gamma Control v2, will continue to be the way it is now! The reason for this is that I have yet to make up my mind, whether or not Gamma Control v3 should have advertising, since the donations, unfortunately, have started to lack a bit. Gamma Control v3 contains Gamma Control…

New layout!

Hello everybody! It has been a couple of years since DesktopNerds got a new layout, so now was the time for a new look! Thank you for reading, have a nice day ;)!

DesktopNerds on Facebook

DesktopNerds is now on Facebook, so please, if you like any of our work, join DesktopNerds on Facebook. What is going to happen there? We will be posting about new software, making it a lot easier for you to see what we offer. Since you might not be jumping to this site every day, Facebook…

Gamma Control v2

Although Gamma Control v1.3 just got released, I decided to make a fast new release, and I apologize to you, for having to uninstall and install all over again. But good news to you, you do not have to anymore, at least not with Gamma Control (Hopefully). What does Version 2 contain: Gamma Control Version…

Gamma Control 1.3 Final Release Date

Bug Report/Support Version 1.3 will contain a new “Bug Report/Support” button, which will be linked to the forum ( If you report a bug and ask for support, everybody else can see it, and everybody else can see our answer to the bug/problem, which will help you to either fix your problem, or we know…