Gamma Control v3 Release Date

Gamma Control Version 3!

Gamma Control v2, will continue to be the way it is now!
The reason for this is that I have yet to make up my mind, whether or not Gamma Control v3 should have advertising, since the donations, unfortunately, have started to lack a bit.

Gamma Control v3 contains
Gamma Control v3, is based on v2. Meaning the updater is still there, but GCv3 will be updated from another location.
The major step from v2 to v3 will be to find in the “Options”. You will have the possibility to make semi-custom hot keys. Meaning it could look like:
CTRL + ALT + (Whatever hot key you choose).

More hot keys or changes may be added in the future through updates.

Gamma Control v3 also contains a new feature, which allows you to put your monitor to sleep, by pressing hot keys as well.

I am hoping to having it ready for
Release: 10th of August 201