Gamma Control v2

Although Gamma Control v1.3 just got released, I decided to make a fast new release, and I apologize to you, for having to uninstall and install all over again. But good news to you, you do not have to anymore, at least not with Gamma Control (Hopefully).

What does Version 2 contain:
Gamma Control Version 2 contains an updater, making it a lot easier for you to update Gamma Control in the future. There’s no more need to uninstall and install a new version of Gamma Control after this.
An “Update” button has been added to Gamma Control. Click it and a new window will be opened, where there’s a button saying “Check for updates”. Hit the button and it’ll do the rest.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

And thanks for using.

Release Date: 9th of April 2009