Gamma Control 5 Update 170218

You spoke, we listened – we went and we did!

The reason for the update

There was a problem with security software, flagging Gamma Control because it was unnecessarily writing to the Registry before.
This was semi true – Gamma Control needed to write to the Registry, in order to start up with Windows. However, it would apply this setting every time Gamma Control would start up. Unnecessarily!

Along with that, another great point was raised; whether it was necessary to run Gamma Control with elevated privileges, hence being prompted with UAC (User Account Control) every time Gamma Control launches.
The answer to that is complicated. As Gamma Control was told to store profiles at its root, e.g. C:\Program Files(x86)\DesktopNerds\Gamma Control\, it was indeed necessary, as per Windows’ security level.
But it was decided here that Gamma Control should get down from its high horse and stop running with elevated privileges. This means that Gamma Control will now save files (e.g. profiles) at %APPDATA%/DesktopNerds/Gamma Control/ like all the other cool kids!

So what’s new?!

All the changes are listed below:
– New save location for profiles (Saves in %APPDATA%/DesktopNerds/GammaControl/)
– New start up with Windows method (Instead of writing to registry, it creates a shortcut in the Windows Startup folder)
– No longer prompts UAC! (only for updates!)
– Disables all key lists when Default Profile is selected in Options, as Default Profile cannot be changed, and to avoid confusion.

So, how do I get these treats?

Option 1: Hit the update button in Gamma Control
Option 2: Download the new installer from the linked download page below. Remember to uninstall before installing the new version. Find a complete uninstall guide from the Gamma Control 5 product page.

Should you face any issues with this new update, please don’t hesitate to submit a ticket!

Hold on, hold on! I don’t have Gamma Control, but I want in!

If you don’t yet have Gamma Control 5, then head over to the download page

Hope you enjoy Gamma Control 5 + update!! 😉

Thank you for using Gamma Control,