Gamma Control 5 Update 121018

Necessary fixes!

The reason for the update

A couple of reports of errors on Windows 7 32 bit has popped in, so it was time to dig deeper into the issue. Along with that an updated EULA was necessary.

What’s new?!

Changes made:
– Changed the “Direct Support” button on the Help page to send you to the Support page instead of Contact.
– Added accept EULA checkbox on the register box.

Fixes made:
– Fixed a couple of “invalid hook” errors.
– Fixed bug where Gamma Control could not relaunch from tray icon on Windows 7 32 bit.

So, how do I get these treats?

Option 1: Hit the update button in Gamma Control
Option 2: Download the new installer from the linked download page below. Remember to uninstall before installing the new version. Find a complete uninstall guide from the Gamma Control 5 product page.

Should you face any issues with this new update, please don’t hesitate to submit a ticket!

Hold on, hold on! I don’t have Gamma Control, but I want in!

If you don’t yet have Gamma Control 5, then head over to the download page

Hope you enjoy Gamma Control 5 + update!! 😉

Thank you for using Gamma Control,