Gamma Control 5 Update 120919

Wait, what happened?

License activation for Gamma Control is now back to normal. Read about the issue here.

Further more, the Updater for Gamma Control was also struck by this issue, as downloaded files from here, are also downloaded and checked securely.

What this means is that we can not use the updater for this new update of Gamma Control.

This also means that Gamma Control now requires .NET 4.6.2 to run.

Before we move any further!

If you use custom profiles… Before you get to the updating process, please navigate to %APPDATA%\Roaming\DesktopNerds\GammaControl – by typing that into Run (Windows button + R). From here, please take a backup of the folder called profilemanager. Once you have installed Gamma Control:

  1. Launch it and register, to confirm that it works.
  2. Close Gamma Control.
  3. Copy backed up folder (profilemanager) back into %APPDATA%\Roaming\DesktopNerds\GammaControl.
  4. Restart Gamma Control (You might be asked to confirm your license again).
  5. Check your profiles are there.

How do I update/register then?

Unfortunately, because this update, includes updating the Updater itself, due to the security changes, you will need to reinstall or “install on top” of your current installation.

You can:

  1. Reinstall completely, by uninstalling, following the guide under the Uninstall tab from this link. Lastly, re-download Gamma Control and install.
  2. If you have custom profiles, it’s highly recommended to do the steps 1.-5. above to backup your profiles.
  3. Download the installer from the download page, and simply install on top. However, if you have custom profiles, also do the 1.-5. steps above.

All options will ask you to register again.

Sorry for this inconvenience – Unfortunately we’re still waiting for Microsoft to help solve the issues on 1903.

Anything else in the update?

Yeah sure, a little…

Released the 12th of September 2019

Changes made:
– Gamma Range is now set between 0-100. Default Gamma at 50.
– A more secure channel is now used for updates and license checking.

Fixes made:
– You can now activate Gamma Control correctly again.


Lastly, and once again. Thank you!