Gamma Control 5 Release

Gamma Control 5 Release

Finally, as promised, Gamma Control 5 has been released.

What’s all the fuss about?

Gamma Control 5 holds a new feature which has been requested many times, it is ad-free and will receive continued updates, whereas updates on Gamma Control v4 have been ceased.

The big, new feature, is a profile manager, so you can switch between profiles, to match the game you are playing.
For example, while “CTRL + ALT + Scroll Up” might work great for Minecraft to turn up brightness in the dark underground, it might not be so ideal for Counter Strike, which will cycle between weapons at the same time. Having to change the key binds before launching every game is, quote: “a bit silly”, according to one of the Gamma Control users. And we totally agree!

Right, right, so what will it cost me?! – nothing is free!

The price is currently set at 6.98 EUR, as a start up price, but will increase later this year – So head over to the downloads page and read more about Gamma Control 5.

We hope you will enjoy Gamma Control 5!

Thank you for using Gamma Control,