Gamma Control 10 years!

Hello everyone and all of you!

On this day, 10 years ago, Gamma Control first helped brighten up the darkness, or darken your blinding lights around you! A.K.A. the first version of Gamma Control was released upon the world, 10 years ago!

I dove into the Gamma Control archive and started up each version, to grab a screenshot, so we could take a trip down memory lane and see the differences between the major versions, from then, to where Gamma Control is today – so here goes!

Version 1.0

Released: 15th of October 2008

This was, needless to say, a very primitive version of Gamma Control, with no combination keys, only +, -, and * to control the Gamma.

Version 2.0

Released: 10th of April 2009

In version 2.0, hardcoded modifiers were added, CTRL + ALT + +, CTRL + ALT -, CTRL + ALT + *

An advertisement window was added as well, as an update button, to easily push out updates to you! All this, along with a hideous design of 2009.

Version 3.0

Released: 10th of August 2011

In version 3.0, we have custom hotkeys, yet still the mandatory CTRL + ALT modifiers. Meaning you could now do CTRL + ALT + E for gamma up, if that floated your boat.

A monitor sleep/standby button was added. (Odd in Gamma Control software, indeed. So why? – Well, the request came from a user who would use Gamma Control at his job with 3 monitors connected, and when he left his workstation, he would turn the monitors off one by one. The button was then added along with a hotkey, to easily put all monitors into standby, and Gamma Control just stuck with it!)

Version 4.0

Released: 16th of May 2013

In version 4.0, you were now able to do choose which modifier you wanted to use; CTRL, SHIFT or the ALT key. Also, you were now able to use the mouse buttons for your custom key combinations. Obviously, there was a complete makeover as well.

Version 5.0

Released: 9th of May 2017

In version 5.0, the current version of Gamma Control, which is a paid version of Gamma Control, profiles were added, along with settings for automatic updates. Advertisements are furthermore removed from this paid version of Gamma Control.

Happy birthday Gamma Control!

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